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Liposuction And Liposculpture


Dr. Olmedo has one simple philosophy when it comes to liposuction, people who eat healthy and do exercise are capable of getting the body they want to enjoy, however there might be some areas with fat that can appear around your waist and other areas even when your in shape and healthy. Due to this, your best option is liposculpture to eliminate those undesired fat deposits..

The majority of the people have heard about liposuction, but very few know about liposculpture. Dr. Olmedo, certified plastic surgeon, uses techniques from liposuction, however he prefers to talk about liposculpture to the artistic component that only an expert surgeon can offer. His artistic eye combined with his experience and rigorous training can mark the difference in getting spectacular results.

People who choose to get liposuction can enjoy of a beautiful and firm body after the procedure. Take a look at Dr. Olmedo’s artistic ability when you see the photos of real patients who chose to get liposuction. Even better, make an appointment with Dr. Olmedo for a personal evaluation.

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Generally this procedure doesn’t required hospitalization, however, if the surgery extends for any reason you might require to stay at least one day in the hospital. If the procedure does not extend or the amount of fat and fluids extracted doesn’t exceed a certain amount that Dr. Olmedo considers hazardous for your health, body size and surgical procedure, local anesthesia or and epidural anesthesia (like the ones used for labor) can be used.


The surgery can take from one to two hours, however the time can vary from 30 minutes or even an hour depending on the area and amount of fat and fluids extracted. The method used consists of applying a liquid that would allow the extraction of the fat preventing any possible damage to the fat tissue that can be used for a buttock augmentation.

After the surgery, depending on the area operated, you might be required to use an elastic corset over the operated area to control any inflammation, improve the draining of liquids and for your skin to adjust to your new body figure. This corset must be used continuously for three to four weeks.

Do not expect to look or feel good after the surgery, actually you will have more weight than normal due to the inflammation for a while. The operated areas might feel hot and the recovery is slow. Stitches are removed five to seven days after the surgery. You will get you normal skin color, sensibility and reduce the inflammation after the first couple weeks till four to six months. You will be able to go back to work two to three days or even a week to two after the surgery.


The results will be obvious once the inflammation and the liquid retention that usually happens after liposuction are gone. The results should be permanent, however they are not if you gain weight in great amount.


Dr. Olmedo makes sure to make the right decisions to offer a comfortable and fast recovery after getting liposuction. Most patients might have bruises for a couple of weeks due to the inflammation. You must rest for 5 to 7 days. Make sure to follow all the post-surgical instructions carefully to obtain the best results possible. Dr. Olmedo will talk more in depth with you about the safety of the procedure as well as the recovery in your appointment.

Once fully recover, our patients have told us that:

  • There clothes fit better
  • Exercising is easier and comfortable to do
  • They’re more satisfied with their body

You will be able to enjoy of a thin body for the years coming while doing exercise regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. Dr. Olmedo considers that making an appointment for liposuction is and important decision, that even thought of all the information provided, you can still feel scare. Being a professional and having experience and understanding that being a good doctor means more than just having surgical abilities, but treating his patients with a good ethic, making sure to make the right decisions to guarantee a safe recovery as well as amazing results that will allow you to feel and look good.

If you are considering in getting liposuction, request more information online or call Olmedo’s Plastic Surgery at +52 33 3642 7084.