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Calves implants


Calves implants (calves augmentation) is a popular procedure in which the size and shape of your calves are improved. Calves implants are the best choice of reshaping the lower part of your body also correcting any disproportion of muscle mass like in physical malformations or congenital defects (like “chicken legs”, disproportional calves formation and congenital diseases).

Dr. Olmedo understands that there is a lot of people who are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their calve muscles, to the point where they do not wear clothing that shows their legs. Calves implants are used to help boost your self-esteem by reshaping your calves, for those patients that can’t get the desired results through exercise. Men and women look into calves implants for different reasons. While men usually look for strong calves, women look for calves that match correctly with their thighs.

This is not unusual with today’s society, especially with the requirements implemented over people by work, friends and family.

Calves implants should be done by a certified plastic surgeon that has the required experience for it. This is crucial in order to determine the right size and shape based on the surgeon’s ability to do so and provided natural results and the body you always dreamed about without any complications.

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