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Breast Reduction Surgery


A lot of women look for a plastic surgeon in order to get a breast reduction surgery. We understand that disproportional big breasts can cause back and neck aches, breathing problems, skin rashes as well as embarrassment or discomfort. As an aesthetic surgery, breast reduction surgery is more than just improving the way a women looks. Excessively big breasts are a physical and emotional discomfort not allowing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Olmedo, certified plastic surgeon by the Mexican Council of Plastic Surgery, has the abilities and has witness life changing transformations of women who have reduced their breast size, obtaining a better quality of life. In order to improve the lifestyle of those patients with excessively big breasts, Dr. Olmedo combines his knowledge as a certified plastic surgeon with his focus on physical beauty and the health of the patient. If you are considering getting a breast reduction surgery in Guadalajara, Jalisco make an appointment with Dr. Olmedo.

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The main purpose of breast reduction surgery is to eliminate excessive fat and skin from breasts, in that way reducing the volume and weight of them. Generally, this surgery is combined with mastopexy (breast lift surgery), giving a new and better form to your breasts. Dr. Olmedo has the idea that your general well being is not independent from the way you look. This is particularly true for those women looking to get breast reduction surgery due to the fact that they are restricted to do certain activities because of their big breasts. Dr. Olmedo guarantees that the scars won’t be visible, and for those scars that are visible he guarantees that they will be well hidden. Patients interested in breast reduction surgery want a beautiful figure and a healthy lifestyle.


Patients undergoing this surgery can expect:

  • To alleviate your neck, shoulder and back pain caused by excessively big breasts
  • A better and balanced figure
  • Confidence on yourself
  • Relieve from skin rashes and skin irritation

I strongly recommend you to look at the before and after pictures of those patients who went under breast reduction surgery from Dr. Olmedo in our photo gallery.


After reducing your breast size, we center our attention in your recovery.

Most of the patients use a bandage over their breasts for a couple of days after the surgery. A sport bra is then used for better support for 2 to 4 weeks.

Bed rest for a week is necessary after the surgery. This helps your body regain your energy.

You should not do any vigorous activity or exercise for about 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery

If you have any questions or concerns about the recovery, Dr. Olmedo can answer them during your appointment.

Feeling healthy and beautiful is something all women deserve. Are you ready to look beautiful and healthy? If you have any question about the breast reduction surgery, request information online or call Olmedo Plastic Surgery at +52 33 3642 7084.